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Welcome to Forest~Pro

Forest Pro Forestry Consulting Services has over 28 years of combined forestry experience. We specialize in working with landowners to:

  • Develop woodlot management plans to realize your invesment's potential
  • Make sure your interests are protected
  • Assist with forest management for wildlife and recreation
  • Ensure you receive "maximum" dollars from timber sales

How can we help you successfully manage your woodlot? We will develop a low cost management plan designed specifically for your woodlot. We offer a wide range of services, from woodlot appraisals, to a full service package taking you from initial appraisal to final harvest.

Managed Forest Tax Incentive Program

Here's how much Forest~Pro customers are saving on their yearly taxes with MFTIP!

  • 33 acre property with residence located in Clarington, Clarke Township is saving $3500.00 per year
  • 52 acre property with residence located in Durham, Uxbridge Township is saving $4500.00 per year

Plans are written for 10 year intervals...multiply your yearly saving by 10!
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